Iceland Adventures- Tips and Tricks for an amazing time



Tips and Tricks for an amazing time

The food is not just expensive, It’s RIDICULOUSLY expensive . I never really knew how much I was paying whilst I was there due to their Currency (Icelandic Koronas). I felt like I was extremely rich because I was paying in thousands for everything. Rich- until my money rapidly started to disappear from my purse and I was finding ways to budget the last hundred very wisely.

Book excursions well in advance. This is something I didn’t really think about until it was the week before and I was having to emailing the blue lagoon to beg them for tickets. The whole of the week in February was fully booked except for one time slot (thank god).

Don’t bother with the Blue Lagoon when there has been a massive storm. I have nice pictures sure, but the coldness that I felt that day I will never forget. MY PICTURES OF HAPPINESS ARE LIES. The Blue Lagoon wasn’t even that warm. WHY? I thought this was the beauty of this attraction? Anyway, it’s a memory and I guess it was worth a try but never would I recommend anyone going when there’s been a blizzard. Perhaps I just got really unlucky?

Despite nightmarish experiences of the Blue Lagoon, I was pleasantly surprised by how lovely the Secret Lagoon was.  I honestly couldn’t believe it! It was boiling hot, had a cute bar and was really steamy and beautiful. It was the perfect way to round off the tour of The Golden Circle. If I could make one recommendation, it would be to book the Golden Circle with the Secret Lagoon included. Incredible is not the word for that tour! It was one of the best experience ever!

Be prepare for cancellations. Oh dear God. Waking up every day to check if we were still allowed to go on a tour was not what I expected. We were so fortunate that during our stay we saw the Northern Lights on our first night. The people who booked onto the Wednesday Excursion were not so lucky. Nope. It was cancelled. Not ideal and a real pain in the butt. We also got lucky with the Golden Circle Tour but the people the day after could not go on it. Another thing- The airport road shuts in storms. It is also the same road that takes you to the Blue Lagoon. Another of the many dilemmas that people can be faced with. Don’t let it put you off but be prepared, be very prepared.

Don’t underestimate Reykjavik. Its absolutely beautiful with quirky restaurants and bars. No one mentioned this to me so I thought it’s worth a mention to those people who have no idea what to expect. One night I made my other half go to Pablo’s Disco bar and I’m glad I did! It was so fun and such a funky atmosphere which I’m not so used to back in the UK. Whenever we try to do disco, it often ends up a little cheesy.

At least try to see the Northern Lights. I managed it and it’s honestly one of the most breath-taking experiences I’ve ever had. Just try at least!










Why everyone needs to visit Scotland- Solo

I am writing this blog on my journey back from Scotland. It’s one thing that I am so glad I did because it’s gave me the travel bug and I’m already looking for my next adventure.

My #1 reason to go to Scotland is the simple fact that it is so busy with tourists which means it’s so safe and there are tons of things to do. People visit from across the globe to the beautiful city of Edinburgh and I can see why! It’s history and gorgeous buildings are perfect to spend hours exploring. It’s even better than you imagine it!

My #2 reason- I met so many amazing people. Everyone goes to Scotland for its history and beautiful sights but along with that comes the opportunity to meet people from all over the world. I was on my own and within the first hour of being there I met a guy from France who took me around the christmas market and introduced me to some awesome french food. Within 24 hours we had met so many people and had a fantastic social life during the trip.

#3 it’s not just buildings. There are opportunities to climb hills to see mesmerising landmarks and breathtaking views of Edinburgh. I highly recommend the walking tours. They take you to places you wouldn’t have really stumbled across without a guide. Take a look below.

Calton Hill

#4- The bars and the food. Everywhere is different and everywhere is quirky. It’s so nice to just see such a range of options. A lot of places have live music and cheap drinks so it’s a win win situation really.

Lastly- it’s filled with tons of Harry Potter facts and experiences. If you choose a good walking tour they’ll take you to the grave yard which they filmed Harry Potter, the cafe where J.K Rowling wrote the books and the area which inspired Diagon Alley. I’m also convinced that the Ghost bus tour inspired J.K Rowling to create the Knight bus but I could also be completely wrong. You can decide that for yourself!

 Just go. That’s the only thing you need to do. Book a trip to Edinburgh because it’s incredible!

Paris- Eiffel Tower by night


If you ever go to Paris the obvious thing to do is visit the Eiffel Tower. What is not so obvious is visiting by night.

Here is why it is worth going at night time:

  • The park is full of tourists sitting down, listening to music and admiring the Eiffel tower in a much more relaxed way.
  • It looks so much more than a tower of metal when it’s lit up.
  • It is unbelievably romantic.
  • Wine and champagne is available by the bottle with people walking round with ice buckets full of it. The best thing is it’s fairly reasonable.
  • On the hour, the lights illuminate and the tower sparkles. I remember arriving in Paris and the tower was sparkling and it was magical!
  • You could spend the whole evening there and not be bored. It’s so beautiful, it’s enough to entertain you for the whole evening.
  • Nice food is served there (quite a variety as well).





When in Paris- Go on a River cruise!


Perhaps the best thing I did whilst in Paris. Sat on a boat, served beautiful food (which was the best food I’d had in a long time) with music that made the atmosphere so incredible during our experience. It’s a must. You see a complete different side to the sights and I would say a more beautiful side. I was gob smacked the whole time.

I don’t even need to caption the above…. The pictures say it all.


Time in Paris



The cool thing to note about the Notre Dame is the area itself. The Notre Dame is incredible. It’s somewhere everyone would like to go because when you first see it, It’s breath taking like many of the other sights around Paris. But the area itself is just out of this world. Cobbles streets with bars selling cheap cocktails and with amazing music. Local Parisians serving the most inexpensive and delicious food which I have come across in Paris. Its’s not entirely obvious where to find this at first, you definitely need to search the back streets which are sort of surrounding the st Michel metro station. It’s around here you will see how amazing Paris is. The night-life is particularly awesome and there are so many street acts to entertain you for a whole evening.

It’s also got cute cafes where I sat many hours just overlooking the Notre Dame and the hustle and bustle of this vibrant city. I indulged in wine and a selection of cheeses and this was enough to make me feel like I was living the Parisian lifestyle. Below is a picture of what you can expect to eat and drink and let me tell you- It’s unreal.

wine 1.PNG






Paris- Sacre Coeur

This time last year I decided to book a trip to Paris. It was one of the best experiences I have had.Luckily the weather was beautiful which I believe is quite unusual for the time that we went (April).

If I could recommend anything it’s going to see anything it’s the Sacre Coeur. The view from the top of the hill is just out of this world. You can see the whole of Paris and it’s honestly breath taking. The surrounding area is so quaint and you also get to see fantastic artists painting and sketching tourist as well as showcasing their work nearby.

Cobbled streets and adorable souvenir shops (which are much more reasonable than more central locations) can be seen in the area below this magnificent attraction. At the bottom of the hill is a little cafe which looks onto the Sacre Coeur. It was here I enjoyed a rather reasonable glass of wine with a hell of a view. Take it from me- the scenery is heavenly.


The Sacre Coeur- My favourite attraction of all.



Local Artists (Above)


The Entrance to the Sacre Coeur


More local Artists Showcasing their work! (Ab0ve)




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